Here at Bridgeport Eye Center, we are pleased to offer many types of contact lenses. We are also dedicated to ensuring they fit correctly.

This service costs $139.
PLEASE NOTE: Prices are given for an estimate of the visit. If you are not sure of the type of fitting you will need, we will be happy to assist you.

The optometrists at Bridgeport Eye Center in Bridgeport, Texas, prescribe the newest, most technologically advanced contact lenses for our patients. A multitude of lens choices are available, whether you need soft or rigid lenses. Also if you require toric, spherical, or tinted lenses, fitting regimes for disposable lenses with daily, two week, monthly wearing times are available. Exciting new designs in true bifocal lenses are available in gas permeable materials which will meet the critical vision needs for our patients.

You may purchase lenses on-site at our office or Dr. Patricia Young will write a prescription for your contact lenses to be purchased elsewhere. Trial soft lenses are generally available in our office, however trial gas permeable lenses are not available. Gas permeable lenses require a custom fit for accuracy of both vision and fit design and no trials are made for these lenses.

Open your eyes to the world of contact lens wear with a contact lens fitting by the doctors at Bridgeport Eye Center.

If you want contacts or have any questions about getting them fit properly, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (940) 683-2006.